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Website Design & Development

By creating a website that stands out between national and international sites, SD Solutions ensures that you will stand out among your competitors. and share your business task through your website, Which was created especially for you. Designing and hosting websites is one of the most important ways that companies can succeed in all their commercial and non-commercial activities. In contrast, Having a website with a unique design and fast load times is successful and gives you an edge over competitors in your industry.

Our Previous Work

iVentures Company

Alibaba Restaurant

RFCO Company

FAPCO Company

KMG Academy

IMCT Group

How does it work?

Understanding needs

One of our sales representatives contacts you to learn about your requirements, goals, competition, similar brands and site visitors. They will understand the logic, type, size and structure of the site to be developed

Collect requirements

Our team will work to understand your expectations through the information and requirements you provide to the site. We learn more about your goals, and target users, and the service you want to provide so that we can create a proper layout for your website. Only then will we move on to the next step in our workflow.

Prototype development

Based on the information we collected from you in the first step, Our designers will compile a list of requirements, According to that list, They will develop a layout for your website. When creating a UI design, We first decide on the color scheme before deciding on the shapes of each element. At last We'll create some simple pages in these attributes to illustrate how users can use and navigate through your website. To help you visually understand the position of each element, Our skilled UI designers will create a phone screen.

Website Development

After the design is completed, Our software team and web development team create the website according to your specifications. Our web designers have first-hand experience in creating fast and engaging websites that help potential business clients enjoy a pleasant browsing experience.


After developing the site according to your needs, Our quality analysts start by testing it on a variety of computers and mobile devices (desktops, tablets, mobile phones). Helps remove impurities without assistance, Our testing team ensures that your website is working properly.

Free Website

After making your website 100% error-free, It's time to launch it in the market for your customers. Your website will be accessible to you, your team, and your customers if you publish it on your server.


Technical Support

After delivery of the site, We will provide technical support across our business so that it can be improved or expanded. on your website, Create online forms and landing pages to use in your online marketing and advertising campaigns.

Why design your website with
SD Solutions?

SSL certificate

Free SSL certificate for site security


Periodic backups are made continuously.

Location Control

Full cPanel Control Panel

Ease of use

Considering that the site is fast, easy to use and uncomplicated


Secure site against hackers.


Official emails on behalf of your site

SEO Principles

We follow the basics of SEO during implementation in order to facilitate search engine targeting.


It leaves an impression on its visitors that encourages them to visit it again.



Submit the site with an explanation of how to use it and modify its content.

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