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What is an e-invoice?

It is part of the country’s Vision 2030, which makes e-transactions mandatory for businesses of all sizes. It is a digital “electronic” document that proves the sale and purchase of goods and services. They are electronically stamped and sent and received instantly through the electronic billing system. According to the decision of the Egyptian Tax Authority, All commercial, industrial and even service establishments are committed to using the direct link system with the Tax Authority through an integrated accounting system that includes the following: A unified system for managing all financial and accounting departments of the company. It has the feature of stamping the electronic document. It works in Arabic and has been developed by accredited companies in the field of financial and accounting systems.

No more paperwork!

Learn about 11 benefits of an e-invoice

What are the most important goals of CRM?

Forget storing paper invoices waiting for the tax check going forward.

Tax inspection is carried out in much fewer steps than before.

You can contact the Tax Authority directly electronically and with ease.

Reduce the effort required of you as an accountant or follow you as an employer.

Facilitate the preparation of tax returns.

It makes sure that tax justice is achieved for both business owners and the state.
Facilitates the detection of accounting and tax errors.

Electronic invoices protect you from dealing with shell companies.

The electronic invoice format is uniform for all industries.

You can sign them electronically.

It can never be manipulated.

How does it work?

Invoice coding

Coding services or items according to the EGS coding system

Invoice Review

Invoices are reviewed through a system before being uploaded to the IRS website in terms of "Dates and Accounts"

User Review

The user can review invoices within a specific time frame.

Send invoices

Ability to select to send one or more invoices to the website of the Tax Authority

Tax Authority

Learn about invoices that have been successfully submitted on the IRS website.


In the event of an error in the invoice uploaded to the Tax Authority website


The possibility of raising bills in the form of Excel or linking to the "ERP" program


Select your invoice type: "Creditor, debit or invoice.



Technical support and training on how to use the electronic billing system

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