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CRM Systems

(Customer Relationship Management)

CRM system is simply a system that specializes mainly in managing your customer relationships in the facility, Where it can save all customer data and all transactions with customers and thus helps all employees and various departments of the facility (sales department, Marketing Management, Customer Service Management, and operations management, etc.) in the implementation and follow-up of all tasks towards customers and their managers, And in the end the company’s management is given a complete view of everything that has been done between the company’s employees and their customers, Data is also saved on your server and transferred from it to your browser in an encrypted manner to ensure the confidentiality of your data. The system is also available to all branches of your company anywhere in the world, It can be accessed from anywhere and from any device with an internet connection.

What are CRM partitions?

Organization of marketing tasks

Through this system, marketing tasks are greatly facilitated such as scheduling appointments, which saves a lot of time for marketing staff and gives them the opportunity to focus on the tasks required of them and complete them quickly.

Analytics & Reporting

CRM software provides customer data at a specific time, So it is easy to rely on in developing communication methods between the marketing team and customers.

Sales Management System

Customer Relationship Management System CRM
In the sales journey, From setting the first expectations to the customer's final decision to buy, So that the best decisions can be made and access to a deeper view of the marketing process.

Customer Service

Through CRM system Customer service systems are provided that can receive a lot of requests through an integrated system for obtaining the service in addition to a variety of chat tools to facilitate communication between marketers and customers.

What are the most important goals of CRM?

The ability to communicate with customers directly and influence them more.

Ability to add an infinite number of customers

Sends automated alerts to users about appropriate customer contact times to help manage and organize work.

The ability to add the latest business developments and give customers separate access to them.

The system is responsive to all mobiles and screens
(CRM) helps system In raising the quality of the purchase process for customers during their dealings with the company

Improve the relationship between the company and potential customers so that they become regular customers

Work to improve the company’s communication and promotional activities.

Discover the company’s strengths and work to develop and improve them

Reach defects and problems and work to solve them as soon as possible.  
Support the ability to extract customer data from a program
To facilitate data entry Excel

Support the ability to attach files and documents to all parts of the system.

The existence of a detailed archive of all transactions recorded on the system with an explanation of the name of the user who recorded the movement and also the time of registration in days and hours.

A highly sophisticated system for the powers of users and employees where any movement within the program can be controlled with separate permissions.

The possibility of adding commissions to each sales employee in a way that links the departments of the facility to each other, where there is a direct link between the customer service department, the sales department, the operations department, as well as the marketing department.

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