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Electronic Bill System

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What is the electronic bill?

It is part of the state's vision for 2030, which makes electronic transactions compulsory for companies of all sizes. It is a digital "electronic" document that proves the sale and purchase transactions of goods and services. It is stamped electronically, sent, and received instantly through the electronic billing system. According to the decision of the Egyptian Tax Authority, all commercial, industrial, and even service establishments are obligated to use the system of direct linking with the Tax Authority through an integrated accounting system that includes the following:

  • A unified system for managing all of the company's financial and accounting departments.
  • It contains the electronic document stamp feature.
  • It works in Arabic and is developed by accredited companies in the field of financial and accounting systems.

No more paperwork!
Learn about 11 benefits of an electronic bill


Forget storing paper bills waiting for a tax check from now on.


The tax examination is done in much fewer steps than before.


You can contact the tax authority directly electronically with ease.


Reducing the effort required of you as an accountant or following up on you as an employer.


Facilitate the preparation of tax returns.


It makes sure that tax justice is achieved for both business owners and the state.


It facilitates the discovery of accounting and tax errors.


Electronic invoices protect you from dealing with bogus companies.


The format of the electronic invoice is unified for all industries.


You can sign it electronically.


It can never be manipulated.